If you’re not unaccustomed to the globe of the internet, likelihood is that you simply may need used cloud services or a minimum of might have been detected regarding it. Key characteristics of cloud computing is gaining a lot of and more quality with every passing day. The explanation is that corporations are currently trying to find Cloud computing technology that has created nice progress and has become highly regarded among the masses, with leading companies like Amazon and Google investing in it and selling it. Amazon entered the market 1st with its Amazon net Services (AWS), companies like Google and Microsoft shortly followed. 

What is Cloud Computing?

The term ‘cloud’ in technical terms, was wont to seek advice from distributed computing as early as 1993. Cloud computing is largely the on-demand provision of computing resources like storage, applications, networking capabilities, databases, computer code and services, development tools, process capabilities, and more, by service suppliers, to its users, via the internet. These services are often given minimum management effort or service provider interaction. Cloud computing is commonly observed as internet-based computing. In straightforward terms, users will access data, applications, and services hosted in remote services, instead of accessing it from their computer’s exhausting drive.

Cloud service suppliers host these services at remote servers and charge their users on a monthly basis or by their usage of the facility. It provides an outsized quantity of computing power while not direct active management of users. Users will access their knowledge anyplace within the world, from the ‘cloud’, with advanced security provided by the service provider, all they have could be a sensible web connection.

Cloud service providers provide their services supported the 3 hottest models:

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): 

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) refers to providing infrastructure services similar to physical computing resources, scaling, security, storage, and networking to its users.

  • Platform as a Service (PaaS): 

Platform as a Service (PaaS) refers to giving a development environment.

  • Computer code as a service (SaaS): 

Within the computer code as a Service (SaaS) model, users will gain access to applications and software from anyplace in the world.

Why use Cloud Computing?

Currently that we all know the fundamentals of cloud computing, an issue that crosses our mind is why ought to we tend to use cloud computing? The following are some convincing points for why you should use cloud computing. Cloud computing reduces the prices of shopping for hardware and computer code considerably.

Each resource is simply a click away, you’ll be able to access it anyplace from any device all you would like is just a decent web connection. 

  • It’s extremely scalable:

You can simply increase the capability in step with the demand. Users can scale services to suit their needs, and that they can customise them as well.

  • Security: 

Cloud service suppliers pay lots of resources to produce quality services to their clients, security being one among them.

  • Reliable: 

Cloud could be a reliable supply of storage. Backup and recovery of knowledge is straightforward, less expensive, and extremely fast.

  • Economical and productive in terms of price and time:

Enterprise users will access services and applications simply while not having to fret regarding underlying structures and also the cost of infrastructures. This will increase the productivity of the firm.

Characteristics of Cloud Computing:

  • Flexibility:

Cloud Computing lets users access data or services victimized by internet-enabled devices. no matter what you would like is instantly out there on the cloud, simply a click away. Sharing and dealing on data therefore becomes easy and comfortable. several organizations currently value more highly to store their work on cloud systems, because it makes collaboration straightforward and saves them heaps of price and resources. Its ever-increasing set of options and services is additionally fast its growth.

  • Quantifiability:

Quantifiability is the ability of the system to handle the growing amount of labor by adding resources to the system. Continuous business enlargement demands a speedy expansion of cloud services. One among the foremost versatile features of Cloud Computing is that it’s scalable. Not solely will it have the flexibility to expand the amount of servers, or infrastructure, in step with the demand, however it also offers a good variety of options that cater to the requirements of its users. Quantifiability additionally adds an economical dimension and makes it appropriate for business use. It is often scaled down once the demand is low and may be exponentially multiplied when the demand is at its peak. Services come back to their original state when the demand subsides. It’s similar to when an edifice can increase its tables throughout rush hours, except it is a cloud. This so needs heaps of resources, planning, and investment however cloud service suppliers beware of these things.

  • Broad network access:

One among the foremost fascinating options of cloud computing is that it is aware of no geographical boundaries. Cloud computing incorporates a immense access space and could be accessible via the web. you’ll be able to access your files and documents or transfer your files from a place within the world, all you would like is a sensible internet affiliation and a device, and you’re set to go.

  • On-demand self-service:

It supports a self-service model where users can manage their services like- assigned storage, functionalities, server uptime, etc., creating users as their own boss. The users can monitor their consumption and will choose and use the tools and resources they need quickly from the cloud portal itself. This helps users build higher selections and makes them chargeable for their consumption. Users can use resources on the idea of their desires and requirements. Cloud service suppliers don’t tell users a way to manage their services, they solely charge them at the tip of the asking cycle to support their usage of the services.

  • Security:

Knowledge security in cloud computing could be a major concern among users. Cloud service providers store encrypted data of users and supply further security measures such as user authentication associate degreed security against breaches and different threats. Authentication refers to characteristic and confirming the user as a certified user. If the user isn’t authorized, the access is denied. Cloud vendors give many layers of abstraction to boost the protection and speed of accessing data. a replica of knowledge is commonly held in an exceedingly separate location to forestall data loss just in case of a disaster. Besides these measures, data servers are secured physically as well. These servers are typically housed in an isolated location that’s well guarded, preventing folks from accessing or disrupting them. Making a backup of knowledge within the cloud is additionally easy. These measures appear to have paid off as there are not any reports of a cloud security breach to date.

  • Maintenance:

Maintenance of the cloud is a simple and automatic method with minimum or no additional price requirements. With every upgrade in cloud infrastructure and software, maintenance is changing into easier and economical. 


Cloud computing is unquestionably the foremost common and trending technologies of gift times. Nearly every IT company has shifted its operation to the cloud. Cloud computing has a lot to supply its users. Cloud services are often accessed from anywhere, they will be swollen in step with the demand, and also the pay-as-you-go subscription model of asking ensures that users are charged just for what they need consumed. As a lot of corporations are shifting to cloud services, more and more suppliers are coming back into play. corporations are investment heaps during this technology, that ultimately provides their users with a feature-rich cloud experience.

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