A Secure Document Management with SharePoint

With Document Management developed on SharePoint, your storage and search processes will be much more efficient and faster!

Thanks to the integration of Microsoft 365 you will be able to count on a world-class software for Document Management, with multiple functionalities and benefits.

Benefits of SharePoint Document Management:

Documents Panel

The main page of the system allows, through a dashboard, to identify and view the documents that are in each phase or stage of the process, being able to consult and clearly identify the person in charge and the times associated with each one.

The complete list of documents can be organized by views, using the metadata values that are assigned to each document loaded in the system. The companies working with a large amount of documentation such as real estate agencies, it is the best platform that is recommended by the real estate solutions providers.

In addition, it is possible to filter by specific fields, for example, Organizational Unit, Process, Status, Version or any other custom parameter.

Task Pane

In each phase of the process, the system automatically generates tasks for the users responsible for reviewing or approving documents. Email notifications are sent for each task delegation.

In the detail of each task, it is possible to access the document in reference, approve it, reject it or request internal collaboration from a specialist or colleague within the company.

It is possible to parameterize the times assigned to each type of task, clearly displaying the tasks completed, not started, delayed and their respective responsible parties.


The maintainers allow you to autonomously manage relevant aspects of the process, such as the reviewer and approver users associated with the flows, types of documents, organizational units, processes or other metadata fields that have been defined for each client.

Review/Approval Workflow

The workflows allow you to automate the document review and approval processes, avoiding the printing of physical documents, optimizing the time of the participants and maintaining adequate control over the status of each document and its respective person in charge. Generally, the flows have one, two or three review and approval phases, and those responsible for each phase can be parameterized depending on the parameters assigned to each document.

Collaboration Workflow

It allows you to extend the capabilities of the Review and Approval flow, which already has established parameters, being able to request reviews, approvals, comments or signature requests from users who are not associated with the original flow. In the review or approval phases, each person in charge can request, at their discretion or need, collaboration from any internal user of the company who has access to the document manager. The system will notify by email and create a task for the corresponding collaborator.

Process map

From a visual map, the system will allow each organizational area to be opened, be it management, assistant management, department or unit, being able to visualize the processes and/or sub-processes that correspond to each one. In each of them, it will allow access to the corresponding documents, providing a structural and visually attractive access alternative to end-users.

The associated areas and processes can be managed by a maintainer specially prepared for this, allowing a group of administrator users to directly customize the access structure from the process map.

Main Features:

Versioning: Store and consult all the saved versions of each document.

Metadata: Assign multiple parameters to each document. This will allow you to sort, classify and search each document later.

Permissions and User Profiles: Allows access to the entire library, folders, or even specific documents. Manage profiles to view, edit or manage documents.

Search Engine: Find documents quickly thanks to the powerful data indexing engine. Integrate metadata and content.

Custom Views: Configure and make available multiple views of information, classified or ordered according to specific needs.

Approval and Publishing Workflows: Configure simple or complex document review and approval flows based on roles or user profiles.

Bulk File Upload: As simple as drag and drop, it’s that easy to upload documents to a SharePoint library.

Online Edition: Create and edit documents online even if you don’t have Office Desktop. The Office Online version will allow you to do it quickly and very easily.

Documents in Co-Authorship: Work online among multiple users, view and collaborate while writing reports, presentations or Excel spreadsheets.

Data Export to Excel: It simply exports all the information in the form of a list to Excel. In addition, you can update the query at any time.

Offline Work: Thanks to OneDrive for Business you can work offline and then sync everything automatically.

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Alerts: Receive email notifications when a document is uploaded, deleted, modified or edited.

Document Templates: It has predefined document templates for each type, such as reports, presentations, and manuals, among others.

Check In – Check Out: Configure each library to work one user at a time. This ensures that you do not alter the work of other users.

External Users: Grant permissions to users who do not have a Microsoft 365 license, being able to invite customers, suppliers or business partners.


SharePoint data management platform has some of the best features to assist you in data management and sharing and as you have read above there is a lot more on offer on this amazing online platform. Take the benefit of utilizing all of its features to their maximum potential by consulting with a professional SharePoint consulting services provider.

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