Abigail Disney has been campaigning for a wealth tax for years

  • Abigail Disney, an award-winning filmmaker who also happens to be the granddaughter of Walt Disney Co. cofounder Roy Disney, thinks the best way for the United States to fund its COVID-19 relief efforts to by taxing multimillionaires like herself.
  • The Disney heiress has publicly advocated for the US to implement a moderate wealth tax to close the growing gap between rich and poor Americans for years, even criticizing executives of her family’s company when she felt they didn’t treat theme park employees well enough.
  • Disney’s plan for a coronavirus wealth tax has support from at least 82 other ultrawealthy people across the globe and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), a global organization that works to promote economic stability.
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Abigail Disney thinks she should help foot the massive bill for the United States’ uneven coronavirus response.

Increased health care costs and economic stimulus are not the only thing she wants her wealth — and the wealth of her rich peers — to help fund. In various interviews, tweets, and open letters, Disney has long said that the ultrawealthy need to do their part in funding infrastructure improvements, education, and efforts to end systemic poverty throughout the country.

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