Add Extra Layer Of Fun And Element Of Surprise In Any Party

With the growing popularity of photo booths these days, there are so many varieties available in the market to give out a try. Digital booths, open-air booths and classic photo booths are some of the options you know and love. Similarly, the market comes in handy with some of the other options that you might want to try out.

One of the newest additions in this list will be mirror photobooth hire Penrith, and you can focus on that:

1) More on the mirror photo booth:

The mirror photo booth is not the basic option that you have seen so far. It is practically indistinguishable from any freestanding, full-length and gold framed mirror when it is completely set up. But, this mirror has a secret, and you will learn more about it once you start using the same.

  • Much like something out of a fantasy novel, you can opt for a mirror photobooth hire Penrith, and it will come to life with prompts, graphics and more to guide you through the procedure of taking the ultimate selfie.
  • This mirror is noted to be an interactive screen, which is not only fun but very intuitive and world-class. So, the guests at your event won’t be able to take their hands of it!
  • By following all the steps or prompts mentioned on the screen, like raising hands above your head or tapping, you will get the chance to sign your name, add the emojis or ham it up for that ultimate experience you want with mirror photobooth hire Penrith.

2) Benefits associated with the mirror photo booth:

It is true that nothing is wrong with the classic photo booth. But, there are various reasons for you to upgrade to the mirror version and get a hands-on mirror photobooth hire Penrith for the upcoming events. Want to know the reasons? Make sure to keep your eyes open and check out the points mentioned below:

3) Fits with all kinds of decors:

Everyone loves a photo booth and wants one for their upcoming event. But there are times when you don’t want to spoil the look of the themed event with a giant booth. That’s when the mirror booth comes to the rescue. It will have that traditional appearance to it, which can blend seamlessly with any décor. So, the mirror photo booth hire Penrith will look just about right anywhere, whether at a wedding, fundraiser, quinces, bar mitzvahs and more!

4) Always add a high level of fun to it:

If you have been to a photo booth, you know how much fun the whole experience is. However, the mirror photo booth will add another level of whimsy that every guest will find hard to resist. With the help of a touch screen, the voice and graphic prompts and even the ability to add your own signature or emoji on photo print, you will get so many features once you got your hands on mirror photobooth hire Penrith now!

So, waste no time further and get hands on the best photo booth right away. You will love the features involved with the same.