Benefits Of cPanel With Shared Hosting 

Benefits of using cPanel Web Hosting

With affordability and ease of use being the primary benefits, Shared Web Hosting is one of the most popular web hosting plans among site owners. Also, in operating systems, Linux is preferred by many websites since it is free and packs a range of benefits and features to help with the efficient server and website management.  

However, Linux web hosting plans require the site owner to either be aware of the command-line interface and Linux commands or opt for a control panel that helps them easily navigate the OS. While many control panels are available, cPanel is one of the most popular and reliable names in Linux hosting. 

When you opt for Shared Hosting, your website is stored on a server with many users. Hence, the server’s resources are shared between all the users. As a result, the Shared Host creates a standardized environment for all the server users.  

You can choose a plan with the operating system and resources per your site’s needs.  

Today, we will talk about Linux web hosting with cPanel as the control panel and discuss the benefits of cPanel with Shared Hosting. 

  1. Graphics User Interface 

As mentioned above, to operate a Linux-based server, you can use the command-line interface and input Linux commands or a control panel that helps you manage your Linux server without having to write any code.  

The cPanel has a simple Graphics user Interface (GUI) that can help new users to get started in no time. 

  1. Range of features 

While Shared Hosting plans offer limited scope for control and customization, the cPanel includes one of the best tools to assist you in managing your Shared Hosting account efficiently.  

You can also monitor the utilization of resources and look at scaling up or upgrading before your site’s performance is impacted. 

  1. Cost-efficiency 

While many free control panels are available, they offer limited functions and usually lack extensive technical support. On the other hand, the cPanel is one of the most cost-efficient control panels for Linux servers.  

Usually, site owners opt for a Shared Hosting plan since it is affordable. Hence, they need a control panel that does not burn a hole in their pocket. The cost-efficiency of the cPanel makes it a perfect choice for Shared Hosting users. 

  1. Security 

You can use the cPanel to access your hosting account using a web browser from anywhere in the world.  

To prevent unauthorized access, cPanel has various security measures that help keep it secure. You can also take various steps using the cPanel to boost your site’s security. 

  1. Website Backups 

A website’s data can get corrupted or lost for various reasons like a security breach, software/hardware crash, or human error.  

A website backup is important to ensure uninterrupted site services in such scenarios. The cPanel offers many tools and features to help you create site backups hassle-free. 

Summing Up 

The cPanel has gained popularity among site owners for the range of benefits it offers in a cost-efficient manner. However, cPanel is available only with Linux servers.  

Hence, ensure that you assess your site needs and choose the operating system and control panel that helps you optimize its performance. Good Luck!  

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