Donald Trump: TRUTH Social can compete with Big Tech (NASDAQ:DWAC)

Former President Donald Trump said Tuesday that his TRUTH Social media venture, which is set to come public via a SPAC deal with Digital World Acquisition (NASDAQ:DWAC), can compete with Big Tech rivals in the social media space.

“I certainly think so. And we’re not reliant on them. And this country needs a voice,” Trump told Fox Business News when asked if his new social media venture can stack up against established players in the industry.

TRUTH Social is currently slated to launch at the end of March, more than a month after a previously reported start date on Feb. 21.

TRUTH is part of a new media venture fronted by the former president, called Trump Media & Technology. The company announced a deal with DWAC in October to come public.

Trump Media and Technology CEO Devin Nunes reported that ramping up the network has been difficult, as the company has looked to build an infrastructure not reliant on Big Tech, eschewing platforms like Amazon’s AWS.

Asked whether he planned to mount another run for president in 2024, Trump didn’t answer the question directly but left open the possibility for another campaign.

“Well, the poll say I should,” he said.

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