Do’s and Don’ts of Outstaffing: Everything You Need to Know Before the Start

Outstaffing is one of the most popular techniques for businesses that want to get the best talent at a lower cost. It’s like having an office in another city where a part of your IT team works. The method of cooperation is extremely beneficial and effective.

More and more companies hire agencies to provide them with specialists or teams for one or several projects. It doesn’t make sense to hire one permanently, but they need someone to do the job!

Before you find the right company, let us guide you through the do’s and don’ts of outstaffing.

The 3 Outstaffing Do’s

There aren’t many mistakes you can make if the right agency is working with you. But here we go:

  • DO consider different agencies.
    Choosing the first one you see on the Google results page isn’t wise. You should see at least 5 top agencies in your niche and consider all of them. Compare prices, opportunities, and reviews to find the best match.
  • DO consider agencies from overseas.
    There’s a lot of talent outside your country. For example, Ukraine IT outstaffing is on the rise. There are some of the best IT professionals in the country seeking further development and interesting projects. Your perfect employee might be waiting for you at their home in Kyiv!
  • DO have someone to control the project.
    Choose a manager to take control of the project. Unlike the outsourcing model, outstaffing implies that you have an in-house specialist or a team and hire additional experts in narrow fields for your projects.

The 3 Outstaffing Don’ts

Of course, there are don’ts when it comes to any new approach. Here are the main ones:

  • DON’T neglect control of the work.
    You should know what’s going on in the project creation. Always find out how things are going. Many companies use Skype or other apps for regular communication with the businesses they work with. Don’t delay these calls. Consider these new employees as your own on the team, just in another city or country.
  • DON’T underestimate freelancers.
    Earlier, these people were considered outcasts that couldn’t find a ‘normal’ job. Now, many freelancers make many times more money than common employees and have incredible credentials. One of them will handle your project easily and offer innovative ideas you’ve never even thought of.
  • DON’T go too cheap.
    Yes, outstaffing will cut a lot of your costs. You don’t need to get a larger office for an additional team, take care of the insurance for the people you hire through an agency, etc. However, taking money as the top priority won’t help. You still need professionals that will deliver a high-quality product. 

The model has a lot of intricacies. But you’re able to learn all of them and find the best professionals for your company. And we strongly recommend considering a Ukrainian agency as one of your options! The talent chest there is enormous, ready to be opened by your business!