How to Get a Job at Tesla, Rivian, and Other EV Companies

  • The electric car industry is chock full of exciting new opportunities.
  • From engineering to software, it’s a great time to go for a job in the EV industry.
  • Here’s how to get a job in the business — and which companies to bet your career on.

The auto industry is undergoing a revolution. Giants like Ford and General Motors are reinventing themselves for an electric future, using decades of experience and billions of dollars to navigate their pivot. Meanwhile, young startups like Rivian and Lucid are joining the race, bringing bullish investor interest and agile talent willing to move quickly. Regardless, all need good people to make it all happen — and the labor market is signaling that’s not easy to find, regardless of the type of company.  

Those applying for jobs in the industry today want to ensure they have what it takes to impress any company with their skills and preparedness for the EV transition. Some candidates want to know the career trajectories of other successful individuals in the industry, and how to gain the same skill sets and experiences. And all applicants want to know which companies will be best to place their bets on. Insider offers expert tips on that below. 

Meanwhile, automakers don’t provide the only opportunities for engineers, software developers, supply chain or manufacturing experts, and more. There are plenty of industries needed to support the world of EVs, in batteries, charging, and delivery. Read more about how to get a job in the EV industry, and what other trends and companies you should keep in mind, too. 

EV career advice 

Lots of industries are struggling to hire enough talent right now, but automakers have it especially tough. 

Rivian alone has nearly 2,000 postings on its career site. Lucid Motors has almost 1,200. And according to LinkedIn, Tesla has more than 5,000 postings. Then you’ve got the legacy auto companies to look at.

Sinem Buber, ZipRecruiter’s lead labor economist, Jorge Puente, vice president of Kelly Engineering, the staffing company’s arm specializing in technical fields, and Dan Stiles, director of strategic accounts at recruiting and staffing agency Aerotek, spoke with Insider about their top tips for engineers, supply chain analysts, and manufacturing experts seeking a job in the EV business.

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2022 GMC Hummer EV

Legacy players like Ford, GM, VW, and Toyota are investing billions of dollars to electrify.


Companies to bet your career on 

The electric car space is booming with companies trying to be the next Tesla — or even surpass Elon Musk’s automaker. Legacy players like Ford, GM, VW, and Toyota are investing billions of dollars to electrify over the next decade. Rivian and Lucid are racing to gain market share. And even though experts say there are barriers to entry for new companies in the industry, some are still popping up. 

Amid all the changes going on in the industry, it can be hard to determine which companies are the most promising to bet your career on. Read our reporting on them below.

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Tesla's Fremont, California factory in 2018.

Experts recommend you look for people who show a career trajectory you’d like to follow. Former Tesla employees can serve as a good example.

Mason Trinca/The Washington Post

People to watch 

While looking for a job in the electric car space, you can seek out folks who have had a similar experience, or other young or mid-career professionals who have made a pivot in their careers. This can be a pivot in role, perhaps from a traditional engineering job to one that’s software-heavy, or even a pivot from a legacy automotive company to a hot new EV startup.  

You can also look for people who show a career trajectory you’d like to follow. Perhaps there are leaders or executives at companies who have a job you’d love to strive for. Knowing their stories and how they climbed a corporate ladder — or started in the C-suite at a nascent company — can help you seek out skills, experiences, and qualifications that might help you do the same.

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Other trends and startups to watch 

Auto manufacturing isn’t the only area with opportunities for the EV business. Other businesses are needed to make automaker promises happen. 

Without better batteries or more charging infrastructure, the shift to electric will be much more challenging. Likewise, battery recycling and supply chain improvements are critical to ensuring EV adoption happens, too. 

Companies in the EV space that aren’t carmakers show what other types of career opportunities are out there. Keeping an eye on trends can signal what’s the next hot business to lead in, too.

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