Is Social Media Still Effective in Business Marketing?

Social media at one time was the powerhouse for all things marketing – whether this be taking advantage of Facebooks only online shop section, the publicity that comes with Twitter posts, or showing off images on Instagram for the latest stock, but is it still important for business marketing? In many other parts of the world, it still very much rings true that it’s the biggest platform as this resource shows many of the biggest international destinations for digital nomads with expertise, but how effective is it?

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New brands still rely heavily on social marketing – With most new brands first being discovered on social media, with some suggestions up to 55% of consumers learning about new brands from these platforms, it’s clear to see how important it is still here. With low to no cost to market properly on these platforms, or even a cost for those willing to develop the brand awareness further, it’s likely social media will remain an essential tool particularly for new and emerging businesses as an effective marketing tool.

Brand communication is still essential too ­– Businesses are no longer the faceless corporations that they once were, and having a personality is essential for success these days – showing a bit of personality through social media have helped many businesses really stand out amongst the others with names like Paddy Power certainly showing up there with Twitter banter and the like – whilst this is now evolving into new social media tools, it shows that there’s little incentive to step away from these communication platforms and instead only further encouragement to interact with the audience on a daily basis to ensure not only that they’re seeing this company personality but also that they’re more in touch with what customers and new audiences will want in the future.

A higher ability to convert with social media – This step goes hand in hand with brand communication, and customers are far more likely to have a repeat purchase or increase an order after a positive experience – whilst this is more showing part of a brand personality, it’s often more about being proactive in addressing customers needs and being proactive with identifying weak links in a business chain which thus far have only been possible with the use of social media.

Despite the necessity of social media, some platforms are shrinking or having a less influential audience, so it is important for businesses to stay on top of the latest trends to find the same success – changes happen regularly, so staying on top of the changes is a very involved process.

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