COLORADO SPRINGS — Governor Jared Polis declared January 23-29 Colorado School Choice Week to honor education choices for kids. To kick off the week, Parents Challenge — an organization dedicated to helping parents choose quality education for their kids — hosted a fair Saturday afternoon. The fair in Colorado Springs helped thousands of families figure out their child’s future.

National School Choice Fair happens every year in January to prepare parents for the next school year. Credit: Joe Swanson

“There’s vendors from the community, different schools to let parent’s know that they have options whenever it comes to school choice for their kiddos,” said parent and volunteer of the fair, Rachel Harper.

The week will be filled with activities and events put on by private and public organizations, and this one started them off, drawing in families and kids of all ages.

There were plenty of activities for kids of all ages. Credit: Joe Swanson

“There’s door prizes, the bounce house, animal balloons, face-painting, and then of course the vendor tables to give out more information to the parents of the community,” Harper said.

The fair is an annual event that provides multiple schooling options for parents and kids to explore — anything from public school options to a variety of methods on how to homeschool kids.

The fair is all about empowering parents to be able to choose quality education for their kids. Credit: Joe Swanson

“School is not one size fits all for everybody,” Harper said. “It’s better for parents to be able to choose the best fit for their kids because parents know their child better than what anybody else would know their kids.”

The goal of the fair and Colorado School Choice week is to supply parents with the tools they need to pursue whatever education or school they feel is best for their kid — even if that’s a school they have never heard of before.

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