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Some good friends had procured a ski house in Colorado and invited me out for some mountain time. There were two other families staying in the house, both with teenagers in tow. One morning while drinking my coffee and checking my inbox I noticed two of the teenage girls, who I’ve known since they were little, talking to their phones about what they were eating for breakfast and their plans for the day. The conversation didn’t look like a “phone call” and I noticed the girls kept referring to “hey guys” as if they were talking to a group. They were clearly making a video.

I looked over and said, “Why are you two videoing your breakfast”? The answer back had a little annoyance mixed in, “We are updating our channel,”

“You have a channel? What do you do on your channel?” I replied. “We just talk about what we are doing, and other stuff like funny things,” the one answered. Being a curmudgeon in the morning, I asked again, “So, who wants to see you eat breakfast, what do you have like six viewers, three of them already being in this house?”

Now their annoyance was palpable, “Um, no, we have like a million followers, see, look,” as she brought the phone over to show me the channel. As she walked toward me the other girl said, “already getting ‘likes’.” Sure enough, there were a million followers, watching breakfast. I immediately felt very old.

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