Silver jewellery versus gold jewellery. What you need to know

Silver or Gold Jewellery: Which One Should You Choose?

Most people think that you can only sell gold jewellery. However, this isn’t the truth and you can sell silver jewellery as well. But, how much will you get for your silver, and is it worth selling your silver instead of your gold? We are making a list of all the essential information about silver and gold jewellery. This is to make sure that you know if you can sell silver and how you can sell it fast.

Silver versus gold

Yes, gold is much more valuable than silver, and you will get a lot more money for selling this jewellery. However, there are still many benefits in selling your silver jewellery as well. For starters, silver is purer than gold, meaning that when you sell a piece of silver, it will weigh a lot more than gold. Gold is always mixed with other metals as well, while silver can be a lot purer.

You can sell gold to any local gold and silver buyer store, and they will also not mind if the piece of jewellery is broken. You might not get as much, but if you need cash urgently, this is a great option.

The value between silver and gold

Just like the gold price, there is a national silver price as well. And, you also need to wait for the silver to increase before you can consider selling it. The gold price is $1,841.15 per ounce of real gold. And, the silver price is $21.26. You see that silver is a lot cheaper, but can also be valuable if you have heavy silver objects.

Gold is the most valuable metal with palladium and platinum following. However, these two metals are extremely hard to buy and invest in. So, besides gold, silver is the best option for investing and selling.

Its harder to see the difference between fake and real silver

The only problem that most people have is that it is hard to know the difference between fake and real silver. It is much easier to spot fake gold, because of its colour. The best way to know the difference is to take the jewellery to a professional who can test if it’s real silver or just a cheap metal. 

The benefit of investing in silver jewellery and bullion is that it is cheap to purchase. You can buy these metals cheap and sell them a couple of years later for double or even triple what you have purchased them for.

Is there a huge difference between sell Silver and selling gold? The only difference that you will get is the price per ounce. Silver is a lot cheaper than gold, and has more investment opportunities. The only thing that you need to make sure about, is that you need to make use of the best gold and silver buyers store in your area to sell silver jewellery. It might not make you rich, but will be a great sum of money that you can invest in something else again.

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