Things to Know About Custom Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

An engagement ring is not just a  ring but a representation of your love for your partner. Proposals are signs that you are willing to spend the rest of your life with her, that’s why engagement events are important and so are engagement rings.  

Engagement events give pressure to guys on what ring they have to offer to their partner. Thinking of the designs and details is challenging for them. That’s why jewelers had created hundreds or even more of engagement rings design so people wouldn’t have this problem anymore. Let’s make your choice easier by recommending a good clarity custom emerald cut diamond engagement ring in Dallas, to make you decide easier let’s point out details on why you have to go for this ring. 

Cut is Presented 

Thinking of what shape the diamond has to be on your engagement rings is already hard since diamonds come in many shapes. But with the  Custom Emerald Cut Engagement Rings, the cut is already done, and just have to focus on other details of the ring. Custom emerald cuts are elongated in shape with cropped corners making them more stable when mounted on the setting. They are cropped to prevent fractures. The emerald cut has a larger table which means it has a bigger area to attract light making it have an abundant reflection. Remember women love their ring to be as sparky as possible. Your partner will surely love this cut. 

Length and Weight 

Emerald cuts have a standard measurement to be able to make them more sturdy when mounted on the setting. The length and weight ratio are important, the usual measurement is 1.30 to 1.50. Settings chosen can also vary the ratio of your emerald cut diamond ring. Another factor is the size of your emerald cut, the bigger the stone the bigger the ratio. 


Different types of metals such as white gold rose gold or yellow gold can be used on emerald cut. Metal use can depend on the color that matches the skin tone of your partner. The recommended setting for the emerald cut is solitaire and pave settings. Prongs are also placed on each corner of the emerald cut or even 8 prongs are placed to make it more stable and protected. Get advice from your jewelers since they know best when it comes to metals and settings to use on your emerald cut diamond. 

Clarity of Emerald Diamond Cut

Every diamond should have a good clarity grade to be able to create a clear diamond. Clarity is based on how flawless the diamond would be. Inclusions or also known as blemishes are actually not visible to the naked eye but getting a diamond with less blemish will be best. VS1 is recommended for a diamond cut since this clarity grade falls under Very slightly included or if you can get a higher grade then its better. 


You may think that diamonds are colorless but diamonds are also graded. The highest form is colorless which is clarified under the letter D, E, and F. The more colorless your diamond the better, but for  Emerald Cut Diamond Color grade G to I is recommended since they are nearly colorless but more affordable. You also have an option to choose from another color grade depending on the setting you choose.  


What’s good about customized rings is you have a choice to change some details on the ring. You can actually make a layout on what your ring would look like. You can select an engagement ring that fits your budget but still make it as unique as you like. 

Custom Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings can be ideal because you can select all the details that you want on your ring without thinking too much about the cut of the diamond already since the emerald cut is recommended. All you have to do is to decide on the settings and design. Your jewelry is more than willing to help you make your layout into a real ring. Contact them and start making your dream ring into the engagement ring you can use on your proposal to your partner. Getting a customized ring can make it more personalized and your partner will surely love it.