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The social media influencer marketing strategy that is currently being carried out is using the services of social media influencers. Influencers always have an interesting way of promoting a product so that their followers are influenced to use the products they use. So that you can achieve maximum results for your social media campaign, here are 5 optimal ways to collaborate with social media influencers.

Why is it important to think about how best to work with influencers for optimal results? The goal is that the influencers you work with really fulfill your wants and needs so that you don’t spend promotion costs in vain.

Choose Influencers Wisely

The first thing in a social media Influencer marketing strategy that is very important for you to pay attention to is choosing influencers wisely. That is, you need to know in advance the background and daily life that the influencer displays on his social media, the demographics of his followers, the way he creates content, the way he interacts with followers, as well as the costs to be paid.

In order for the social media campaigns held to reach the targeted target market, of course, influencers must also have a good, not controversial digital track record that triggers haters and results in your product being negatively affected.

Amplify Influencer Messages

What often happens when an influencer uploads content related to a product from a brand, then this is considered natural as the influencer’s obligation without the brand doing anything. In fact, so that the message that influencers carry in their content can be stronger, there is a simple thing you need to do, namely by re-sharing the content on your own social media network (or your brand’s official social media network).

You can do this by sharing on Instastory, reshare on Facebook, share it on Twitter account, and so on. Make sure you tag or mention these influencers so they know what you are doing is a form of appreciation and support for them. At the same time, followers of influencers are also increasingly convinced of the products that are being promoted by influencers and can increase trust in your brand as a customer-friendly brand.

Offer “Something Special” To Influencers As Encouragement

Building a good relationship is sometimes not enough. There are many influencers who need something more tangible and more than just creating engaging content. There are also many influencers who just create content, upload it, try to reach the specified target reach and engagement, and then that’s all they do.

Even though there is a better way so that the digital campaign that you do with social media influencers can achieve optimal results, for example offering additional prizes or appreciation if they exceed the specified target (may provide the highest target limit), or promising to become a brand ambassador if they enter. within the qualifications you specify. It is guaranteed that this way the influencer will be even more excited to give the best he can to promote your brand and products.

Build Good Relationships With Influencers

Having a good relationship with influencers doesn’t hurt because when the relationship is good, even outside the campaign organized by the influencer, sometimes they are happy to promote your product to their followers and people in their environment.

If you fail to build a relationship, it means that you will go through a method that is limited to business negotiations, so that in the long term there is a budget that you must always provide when you need the services of social media influencers. You need to know, business is about give and take. So, don’t approach influencers with the mindset of just wanting to take it. But preferably, there is a reward or a little appreciation that can make an influencer not just an influencer, but also a good friend of your business.

Don’t Spamming With Follow-Up

Doing follow-up to influencers should not make you an annoying person. You have to try to always be patient because some social media influencers have their own business. Sometimes, they may be slow to respond and late in responding to messages you send. Give a pause, before you resend the next message as well as a reminder.

If you want it to be easier to choose and use the services of social media influencers, try to learn more from social media agencies. Digital agencies that have social media marketing services usually have the best way of establishing solid cooperative relationships with influencers so that their digital campaigns can run smoothly and work well.