Tips to Score Good Marks in CBSE Board Exam

CBSE Class 10, 12 Board Exam 2021: Top 10 Preparation Tips by Experts &  Toppers to Ace the Exam

Students often  get confused in choosing the right source to secure high marks in exams. To clear this confusion expert tutors designed the solutions based on the latest syllabus of the Central Board of Secondary Education. In a subject like Mathematics, students might find difficulty in grasping the important concepts. So, choosing the right material is essential in effective learning. For this purpose, students are advised to choose the right study material among various available in the current market. RD Sharma Solutions are formulated by the experienced faculty to help students to gain confidence in the topics in which they are weak. These solutions provide the methods and concepts in a simple and comprehensive manner. Practising these solutions on a regular basis will not only clear the doubts instantly but also make the learning process enjoyable among students. 

The solutions provide step by step explanations in order to help students to understand every step thoroughly. Following RD Sharma Solutions Class 11 while practising textbook questions help students to boost problem solving and time management skills which are crucial for exam preparations. In-depth practice of  these solutions without fail helps students to understand the concepts in an effective manner. RD Sharma Solutions offer step wise answers to all the questions present in the textbook. These solutions can be accessed at any time and anywhere so that students can learn the concepts as per their convenience. Expert faculties have prepared the solutions in an understandable manner to help students to solve the problems without any hassle. 

Some of the tips to score high marks in CBSE Board are mentioned below

  • In-depth knowledge of the syllabus

It is essential to understand the syllabus designed for the academic year, before starting for the exam preparation. This provides an idea to analyse the concepts of higher importance and learn the chapters accordingly. Hence, in order to complete the syllabus in an organized manner, regular practice of textbook questions following RD Sharma Solutions is essential. 

  • Follow the exam pattern

Practising the problems based on the exam pattern helps students to obtain an idea of important concepts. Students are advised to follow the previous year question papers to grasp an idea of frequently asked questions and their marks weightage. This will help students to enhance their skills which are required in examinations.

  • Maintain a time table

It is utmost important to give equal importance to each subject to secure high marks in board exams. For this purpose students are recommended to design a time table which consists of important topics from each chapter and study accordingly.  This reduces stress among students and makes their learning process more enjoyable.

  • Practice on a daily basis

Mathematics is one such subject which needs a lot of practice to understand the concepts in an efficient manner. In order to obtain a strong grip on the concepts, students are recommended to practice the problems on a regular basis. Most of the questions that would be asked in board exams are expected from the textbook. Hence, it is essential to practice textbook problems thoroughly. 

  • Solve previous year question papers and sample papers

After completing the textbook questions, it is essential to practice previous year questions and sample papers. This helps students to improve problem solving skills and analyse the important questions that might be asked frequently in exams. Regular practice of previous year question papers help students to obtain a better score in exams. 

Students who aspire to obtain proficiency in Mathematics must practice RD Sharma Solutions without fail. For more conceptual knowledge, students can download RD Sharma Solutions Class 12 which are available in the PDF format. Students can access these solutions anytime and anywhere without any time constraints.