Top 7 Innovative eCommerce Platforms to Sell Your Courses in 2024

Top 7 Innovative eCommerce Platforms to Sell Your Courses in 2024

When you have to sell your courses online, you are going to need a fully functioning website that makes it easier for your clients and customers to view and purchase your services or products. The best e-commerce platforms make it easier and more feasible for a seller to make an online presence for their business. With so many options available in the market, it might be a challenge for you to choose the right system that addresses your needs. 

To assist you in getting the right platform to sell your courses, we have put together a list of the 7 best eCommerce platforms in 2024. The tools we have chosen not only fulfil the requirements of online businesses but also provide customers with a seamless navigation and buying experience. 

These platforms have all the resources that you need to launch your website and sustain your online business. Not only that, but they also increase the traffic for your work and boost sales.

07 Best Platforms to Sell Your Courses 

No matter what type of e-commerce platform you choose to sell your courses online, you must check for some features that all businesses need to succeed online and establish themselves in the digital world. Here are some of those: 

  • Payment processing options
  • Shipping integrations
  • Inventory management options
  • Business analytics tracking
  • Customer management 
  • Product management features
  • Product description facility and more

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Coming back to the topic, let’s explore the top 07 e-commerce platforms that you can use to sell your courses online in 2024:

1. WooCommerce

Price: Free

Free Trial Days: Not Available

Integrated Sales Channels: Online store, online search, in-person, social media, marketplace

Mobile App: Yes

Native POS: Yes

WooCommerce is the online selling platform of WordPress which was initially launched as the platform for several blogging websites. It has now evolved into a website builder and works well for small businesses, with the option of integrating different eCommerce features. Since this is an open-source platform, you can customise it per the technical design skills you have and code your websites accordingly. You can also sell courses online using this platform. 

2. Shopify

The Shopify ecommerce platform in action, showing the homepage of a hot sauce store.

Price: $29 per month with basic plan 

Free Trial Days: 3 days

Integrated Sales Channels: in-person, social media, email, online search, marketplaces, B2B and more

Mobile App: Yes

Native POS: No

For small businesses, Shopify is the best e-commerce platform which comes with a lot of features to facilitate business processes. With this platform, you can design your online store using 100+ professional themes and the best part is that you do not even need any coding skills for that. Furthermore, for the purposes of web hosting, this store offers unlimited online storage and bandwidth which lets your online business grow. 

3. Square Online

Price: Free

Free Trial Days: N/A

Integrated Sales Channels: In-person, online search, social media, online store

Mobile App: Yes

Native POS: Yes

Originally launched as a POS device for the benefit of different retailing entities, this platform has gradually expanded with the inclusion of several other business management tools. You can take this resource as an online store that comes with themes tailored for small businesses. The platform comes with competitive transaction fees and can be best used to sell your courses online in 2024. 

4. Weebly

Price: Free

Free Trial Days: Not available

Integrated Sales Channels: Online store only

Mobile App: Yes

Native POS: No 

Weebly can be operated with a number of e-commerce platforms where you can sell your courses online in 2024. The best features of this tool are the inventory management systems it has and the secure online shopping cart that it offers to the clients. Needless to say, this platform is the best to be used by small businesses and has different options such as filterable searches for the product and efficient order processing and management. 

5. Wix

Price: $28 per month for the basic plan

Free Trial Days: None

Integrated Sales Channels: Branded apps, marketplaces, online stores, in-person, social media

Mobile App: Yes

Native POS: Yes

Again, Wix is yet another website builder for small businesses, and it comes with eCommerce-specific tools. You can get paid plans from this resource, which provides multiple facilities to the users, such as multichannel selling, online payments, order tracking and more. It can also be used by academic platforms, such as coursework writing services for seamless order processing. Furthermore, if you want to do online analytics tracking, you will have to monitor the key performance indicators using the paid program. 

6. BigCommerce

Price: $29 per month for the standard version

Free Trial Days: 15 days

Integrated Sales Channels: in-person, social media, online store, market places

Mobile App: Yes 

Native POS: No

BigCommerce is an eCommerce platform which is best used by large businesses and organisations. It goes without saying that smaller businesses can also benefit from these resources as they offer international commerce options. Furthermore, you can also get access to a number of tools and features for the multichannel selling of products or services on third-party apps and social media. 

7. Squarespace

A Squarespace template for a home accessories store with a wooden chair, bowl and napkin

Price: Starting from $28 per month for the basic plan 

Free Trial Days: 14 days

Integrated Sales Channels: in-person, social media, online store, market area

Mobile App: Yes

Native POS: Yes

Squarespace comes with a simple interface, and using this tool, you can sell your courses online with much ease. Not only that, but you will also be free to use the templates of this tool and rely on its functionality options. It was originally launched as a website builder, but now it has many helpful features that accommodate sellers. You can also use this tool for product-based businesses. 


So, this was all about the top 7 ecommerce platforms that you can use to sell your courses online. With so many platforms to choose from, if you want to sell your courses online, it is important for you to pay attention to the features which matter to your business the most. After all, you have to keep in mind that whatever worked well for a seller may not work well enough for others as well.

Lastly, if you need any sort of writing help with your online website content, you can reach out to professional coursework writers online for assistance. They have the right potential to assist you in crafting tailored courses for your clients.