Trump Vows GOP Probe of ‘Biden Corruption’ If They Retake Congress

  • Donald Trump said Republicans would investigate “the Biden corruption” if they retake Congress in the midterms.
  • Speaking at a Texas rally, Trump also complained about investigations into the Capitol riot and his finances.
  • Some GOP politicians have pledged reprisals against Democrats in response to the Jan. 6 committee investigation.

Speaking at a rally in Texas, former President Donald Trump said Republicans would investigate President Joe Biden for corruption if they retake Congress in the midterm elections.

“Biden has the real scandals. And rest assured, when Republicans retake Congress, the Biden corruption will be investigated and exposed by Congress,” Trump told supporters in Conroe, Texas, on Saturday night.


“We’re going to kick the Biden crime family out of the White House in 2024!” Trump said.

In his speech, Trump made various allegations about criminality and corruption about Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

Trump and his supporters have long fixated on Hunter Biden, whose financial dealings with China and Ukraine have been scrutinized.

Hunter Biden has denied any wrongdoing. No criminal activity has been proven, and no evidence has emerged that Joe Biden did anything to intentionally benefit his son as vice-president.

While Trump has often accused the Biden family of inappropriate business dealings, similar allegations were made about his own family businesses during his time as president.

A report from Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, a non-partisan ethics watchdog, accused Trump of engaging in a total of 3,400 conflicts of interest during his presidency.

Trump made the comments about Biden while complaining extensively about the House select committee investigation into his actions relating to the January 6 riot and the New York attorney general’s probe into the Trump Organization’s financial dealings.

In his speech, Trump said the prosecutors investigating him were “racist” and “mentally sick” and just wanted to put him in jail.

Trump also said he would consider pardoning January 6 rioters if reelected. 

“What the un-Select committee is doing, and what the people are doing that are running those prisons, it’s a disgrace,” he said.

Trump’s promises to investigate Biden and other Democrats have been echoed by some in his party, who have pledged reprisals in response to the January 6 committee investigation.

Republican North Carolina Rep. Dan Bishop recently listed a variety of people who Republicans would target with the chamber’s oversight authority if it regains power.

Rep. Jim Jordan, an Ohio Republican and Trump ally, also recently listed a slew of investigations he would launch into the Biden administration if Republicans take control of the House and he becomes chair of the House Judiciary Committee. 

While Jordan’s list of investigations relates to actions taken by the Biden government, Trump’s emphasis has been on the Biden family’s personal finances.

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