Vivo y11 is the new phone from Vivo, a manufacturer of mobiles and digital cameras. It is also the first phone of the brand that offers a high-resolution camera with optical zoom and fast shutter speed. The phone features a keyboard with keypad and has a soft touch display for a fantastic viewing experience on the go. Vivo also introduces its innovative and new concept “Vivo Cloud”. This concept integrates the phone’s computing system with the internet services offered through it.

Affordable Price

Price of vivo y11 in India too is very reasonable as compared to other mobiles. Official authorized dealers and cellular service providers regulate the price of Vivo phone models in the contract market. Some of the famous brands like Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung and Motorola are also into the contract market, though their phones are expensive.

Built-in Video Recorder Feature

The Vivo Y11 comes with a built-in video recorder feature, which also allows the users to capture videos and stills. It has one card slot and supports MMC card and SD card. The phone comes with a virtual keyboard, large QWERTY keypad and an intuitive interface. This phone also offers two customizable memory slots, multimedia messaging functions including MMS, SMS and Bluetooth, USB OTG, and has the QWERTY keypad as well.


Vivo has made some changes in its design such as replacing the physical keys with those of navigation buttons and changing the shape of the physical keypads to those of touch sensitive ones. It has also integrated its inbuilt browser with Google Maps. It also offers inbuilt memory to store data and multimedia messages. It also has a high definition camera with real time image recording, digital sound recording and has a large LCD screen.

Customized Features

The Vivo Y11 also offers a host of customized features. The VoiP (Voice Over IP) technology enables calls to be made over the airwaves. There are various ways through which the calls can be made like through the use of the PC satellite connection or Wi-Fi. There is also a dialer facility in the phone, which helps in handling calls in an automated manner. The phone also features a rich data rate setting that enables various services to work more efficiently.

The Vivo Y11 is available in various colors like black, blue, gray and gold. The phone has a sleek and elegant look and it looks quite similar to the iPhone. It also features a built-in speaker which can be used for making a call. Apart from that, this phone is suitable for all people ranging from students to professionals.