What Is Insider Trading And How Is It Done?

What Is Insider Trading and Is It Illegal?

The global exchange markets often make use of trillions of dollars which can act as turnover in the markets. There are some great turnover values that can be inclusive of the global giants and the key decisions for these kinds of trades are often made by the government sources. This kind of activity in the trading market can often make sure that there will be stocks and currency pairs that can be used as commodities in the market. This also determines the total market price of any specific asset. There are some actions that can help to enable fraud in the stock quotes. This is also known as “Insider trading”.

Define the term insider trading

Any person who is considered as a communication channel or has access to the closed information which is absent for most people can be described as an insider. The term insider can be applied to the financial market in the following ways. 

  • Board members of the larger companies or banks can be described as insiders. 
  • The government representatives and politicians are also known as insiders.
  • The representatives of the national banks can also be described as insiders. 

There are quite a few random insiders in the market as well. These can be the common employees who have heard the confidential information from the important members through some kind of relationship with them. They can also be the relatives or loved ones of the top management of any financial group. These people are known as traders and they are the ones who are responsible for insider trading. These people can easily trade in any kind of financial market that they desire with the help of the large amount of special information that they hold.

Working Methodology Of Insider Trading

There is a certain pattern that is used by the insider when he or she is trying to organize trade within the market. Let us know the exact steps which are taken by these people to extract trade from the market. 

  • The insider usually gets to know the most important information which is relevant for the market with the help of some source. 
  • He or she makes sure that the deal is signed with the help of the information which is published officially in the market. 
  • When the information on the deal is made public, the deal moves in such a manner that the profit values are increased for the trader. He or she can also be sure to fix it in case of any mistake and buy the shares at a very low price in the future. 


You can make sure that you are in the right direction of the trade with the help of insider trading but it is often considered to be illegal as well. You cannot hope the situation to be of fair play if you are doing it on the basis of the information which is already gained from the market. As a trader, you should always try to refrain from this kind of activity so that your work ethics remain intact.