What Is Long-Term Respite Care At Travancore Foundation, And Why Is It Famous For This?


Old age is an inevitable part of life, but the loneliness that comes with it is not. Retirement homes not only provide a safe space for our seniors but also help them get rid of their loneliness. In today’s world of modernisation, we are so busy that we hardly get time to spend with our parents or visit them, which eventually makes them feel left out or lonely.

Old age homes are a proper solution to it; having people of the same age group around is the best company. And during this stage of life, having people around is very much important for medical emergencies. In old age, always homes with their caregivers always around are the best place for such situations. 

Travancore Foundation’s reliable and luxurious old age homes in the best part of the country make the whole experience better. Located in Kerala, their retirement homes are 12AA-certified trusts. It has a diverse range of services or programmes, which makes it easier for you to choose the one most feasible for you.

Respite/ Generic care services provided

Being a caregiver to someone of this age is a big responsibility, and the retirement homes in Kochi are ready to take up this responsibility, may that be for a lifetime or just a few days.

These old age homes provide a variety of services to choose from for the seniors or their children. They have programmes like Independent Living, short-term care, long-term care and respite living.

Independent Living is specifically designed for those elder who is fit and fine but want to live a hassle-free life now or seniors with some health problems who need regular assistance.

Short-term care is made for those who need help for a short time being for some kind of medical requirement. Their highly qualified medical personnel prove to be of great reliance.

Long-term care is suited for the ones with chronic diseases or disabilities who need 24*7 care. Proper check-ups from the best doctors and 24*7 nurse’s station function.

 Respite Care is made to provide a break to the caregivers. These services are provided within a flexible time period with great care and the best facilities.

These old age homes in Kottayam are one of the best senior-friendly environments with fully furnished residential units in one of the best parts of the country. 

Long-term generic care

These services are mainly dedicated to the elders with chronic disorders or disabilities. Full-time personalised care is provided to such elders. This service provided by the opulent retirement homes in Kochi is very much useful for those primary caregivers who don’t live in the same city anymore or NRIs.

In these paid retirement homes with their opulent facilities, you can take advantage of the refreshing aura at these luxury old age homes in Kottayam. It assists you and makes you proceed towards an improved and enriching blissful life by nurturing spiritual and human values with a focus on community-based care, education and research.

Here, NRI parents can live independently and respectably. NRIs can live at ease knowing that their parents are well-cared for, thanks to the specialised facilities for seniors that are offered in this old age home. 

Further, since there are on-demand medical facilities, caregivers, day-to-day help always at hand and social and physical protection, ageing parents do not have to struggle with everyday life. The caregivers of the Travancore Foundation perform their duties with great compassion and embedded professionalism. 

Travancore’s Specialisation in Long-term Respites

Travancore specialises in various features of the Long-term Respites, starting from Stroke Management to artificial feeding. 

Stroke Management

Special care for stroke patients is provided by trained personnel. And proper exercise and physiotherapy are conducted to bring back mobility.

Wound Management

A proper comprehensive care plan by professionals is provided for wound treatment to ensure healing.

Chronic Disease Management

Proper monitoring of such patients is done alongside perfectly maintained records. 

Artificial Feeding

Maintains proper health of elders who cannot take food orally. Regular evaluation by the best dietitians is ensured.

Assistance with daily living activities

Seniors who need help in their regular activities like bathing, grooming and feeding are provided with such.


A proper process is followed to help improve spatial awareness, memory, and judgement.

These retirement homes in Kochi provide the best 24*7 assistance to this elder with the best and most trained professionals always for their help.

Why should we choose Travancore Foundation’s long-term respites?

Located in one of the best parts of the country, Travancore Foundation hosts luxurious old-age homes in KottayamLocated in Kerala, these retirement homes are a 12AA certified trust. It has a different variety of services from which we can choose as per our needs. 24*7 nurse’s stations and professional and best medical professionals for emergencies and regular medical checkups are available. Its opulent facilities help you enrich your lifestyle and lead a healthy and blissful life. 


Retirement homes are a boon to seniors who feel alone for various reasons or are in need of regular attention. They are a great help to the children who want to provide their parents with a comfortable and hassle-free life but are unable to do so by themselves because of their busy schedules or the place they live etc.

And with the help of Travancore, it becomes easier. These luxurious retirement homes in Kochi have everything a child wants for their parents.Security, proper health maintenance, reliance, social and therapeutic recreational activities, a senior-friendly environment, and properly trained professional personnel who are performing their task with perfection and compassion. Besides all these, these old age homes in Kottayam also provide guest rooms for the visitors and trial service for the ones who are thinking of taking up their service.