Why You Should Promote Your Business Through Mobile Apps

How Can I Promote My Business With Apps? - Business 2 Community

Since smartphones have been on the scene, the overall growth of mobile use has been outstanding. The functionality of mobile devices means that we can do almost anything from our fingertips, and this all comes from mobile and app development.

Statistics show that the majority of people spend 4.5 hours on their mobile device per day, which can be anything from textings, gaming, browsing the internet and checking social media. This is likely to continue to increase as we become more dependent on our mobile devices for paying for goods, making notes and much more.

All this is evidence that businesses should be using mobile apps to promote their business. And while it’s still essential to have a website, most people find apps to be a much easier and smoother experience, which is why they statistically perform better. Here’s a look at why they perform better overall.

Seamless Customer Experience

Big app stores such as Android and Apple use their platforms to promote the best functioning apps. So if you have an app created for your business that offers a similar service to others, if it’s faster, or has better functionality, you’ll find it will be displayed at the top of searches, which will result in more downloads.

Brand Awareness

You’ll find brand awareness is much greater with businesses that have an app available. It can vary on what service you provide, but mobile users always find apps to operate better than websites. With this,you’ll find users with review and recommend your apps, which will help further improve your brand awareness.

A New Perspective and Insights

As mentioned websites aren’t always the easiest to navigate and as apps offer a much better experience, users may find themselves learning or finding new information from the platform. You’ll also find this improves engagement, users will be more comfortable browsing the app and seeing everything it has to offer.

App developers also provide businesses with essential location and data insights users. This allows you to personalise experience so it can further improve engagement because the app can cater to the user’s interest. Social sharing will also promote the brand and create referral marketing as users will share their opinions of the app with friends, this works particularly well for wellbeing, e-commerce and food/restaurant apps. 


The use of mobile apps isn’t for every business, yet. But if you think it’s not something your customer would use, it’s worth thinking about how you can change the stigma, create something novel and be the first in your industry to offer a new perspective on a website.