With a $10K grant, Minority Millennials to expand workforce development

Thanks to a $10,000 grant from M&T Bank, Minority Millenials said it is bolstering its efforts to expand the “diverse workforce development pipeline,” helping to bring forward qualified candidates for work opportunities.

The grant is part of M&T’s Long Island Banking Partnership for Community Development 2021. It aims to foster the ability of neighborhood-based organizations that support marginalized communities across Long Island.

“This grant solidifies the commitment that M&T Bank has made to work hand-in-hand to invest in Black and Brown communities,” Daniel Lloyd, founder and CEO of Minority Millennials, said in a statement.

“The positive ripple effects of this partnership will be seen not only today but for generations to come. These funds will go directly into creating hundreds of more career opportunities for the diverse workforce on Long Island,” he added.

Minority Millennials will generate awareness about these opportunities through such popular online platforms as Tik-Tok, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. The organization will share with the region’s Black and Brown millennial and Gen Z communities the kind of information that can lead to new employment prospects, talent development resources, and long-term career opportunities. This online content will direct people to access pertinent workshops and other resources.

“We’re extremely excited for the opportunity to work directly with Minority Millennials to empower community workshops that will help bolster the skills and abilities of diverse candidates that will in turn advance racial equality and economic opportunities in our communities,” Jarrett Edwards, M&T Bank’s retail regional sales manager, said in a statement.




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