Datts Seafood opened on New Year’s Day, taking over an old building but bringing a fresh new style, concept and cuisine to Hanover. 

For owners Steve Jackson and his wife Tania, a restaurant of their own was a dream they shared for decades.

“He has been cooking for me ever since we met, when we were 18 years old,” Tania said.

Steve was 13 years old when he started working at his Uncle’s restaurant in Baltimore, learning the business beside his family. 

“I learned the business at a young age, until I was 18, and then I changed careers and worked in public safety,” Jackson said. 

A career in public safety had Jackson working in several roles such as a corrections officer and state parole agent. Though he always had hopes for opening a restaurant, the opportunity never came around — until this year.

(From left) Steve Jackson and his wife, Tania Jackson, laugh as they listen to their daughter, Tamber Jackson, tell a story inside their family's new eatery, Datts Seafood, Wednesday, Jan. 12, 2022, in Hanover Borough.

Recently, Jackson was sent to work as state parole agent in Philadelphia, causing him to spend time apart from his family in Hanover. 

While they missed his presence at home, Jackson’s family missed his food as well.

As she listed off the fast food chains her family began to frequent, his youngest daughter Tamber joked, “We were going hungry without him, and when he came back home we were excited.” 

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