Florida lawyers offer free wills for teachers as schools re-open

Lawyers are offering free wills for teachers and educators are responding. 

Charles Gallagher, a lawyer at Tampa Bay lawfirm Gallagher & Associates, told NBC News he decided to offer free wills for teachers after seeing one protesting with a sign that read, “Teacher supplies: books, crayons and wills.”

Gallagher told NBC News he received inquiries from around 600 teachers and school staff. 

Jen Englert, a managing partner of an Orlando law firm, told NBC News that they were offering discounted wills to teachers, just as they had done for first responders and medical teachers. 

“We decided to offer these services because teachers were actually coming to us asking for our help,” Englert told NBC News. 

In June, Florida Governor DeSantis announced that they plan to move schools to fully in-person teaching. On Monday, Florida’s largest teachers’ union sued against the state over plans to move back to in-person instruction.

Moving to fully in-person teaching poses many health concerns given the rising number of coronavirus cases. The US recorded its 4 millionth coronavirus case on Thursday. Florida has reported over 400,000 coronavirus cases so far. 

Teachers across the country have expressed concerns for their own health, in addition to putting their own families and students at risk. One teacher told Insider that “I totally am preparing to get sick.”

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