How to Convert HEIC to PDF on Windows or Mac

  • You can convert HEIC files to PDFs on a Mac or Windows PC using the free Convertio website.
  • On a Mac, you can also use the Preview app; open an HEIC file in Preview, click File in the menu bar, and select Export as PDF.
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Despite decades of innovation and file format changes, the venerable PDF is still commonly used to share documents, slideshows, photos and spreadsheets across the world. And that means people frequently need to convert all sorts of files to PDF, including Apple’s HEIC photo file.

There are many apps and techniques for converting HEIC to PDF on both Mac and Windows, but one simple approach works 100% of the time regardless of what kind of computer you’re using. 

How to convert HEIC to PDF on Windows or Mac

The easiest way to convert HEIC to PDF is to use the Convertio free online file converter. 

1. Open Convertio in a web browser. Make sure it’s configured to convert from HEIC to PDF. 

2. Click Choose Files and then find the HEIC files you want to convert. 

Converting a file using the Convertio webpage.

You can use Convertio to convert a file into a wide variety of other file types, such as HEIC to PDF.

Dave Johnson

3. Make sure the to menu is currently set to PDF and then click Convert.

4. After a few moments, the files will be converted to PDF. Click Download and find your PDF files in your computer’s Downloads folder. 

Have a Mac? If you prefer, you can also easily use the Mac’s Preview app to convert HEIC files to PDF. To do that, open the photo in Preview and then click File in the menu bar, followed by Export as PDF

It’s not quite so easy in Windows because there’s no built-in way to read an HEIC file. Instead, you need to install additional software to open or convert HEIC files.

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