How to make an online line sheet using Shopify store

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If you are looking to make an online line sheet based on the Shopify store collections, then we have some great ways for you to go to. 

In this article, we will provide you with the information regarding the Shopify store and the basics of the process that you need to follow if you need to create the best line sheet through it. 

Online Wholesale Line Sheet

A line sheet is one of the most beneficial tools when it comes to selling products for a wholesale business. It is a miniature catalog that apparel companies use to present their services to their buyers. The most obviously contain product images, color/size options, product number/ID, price, and various basic things depending upon the type of products an organization is selling. 

They are expected to be well organized because these are the tools you will use every day to illuminate your product line to the potential retailers looking for a perfect blend of merchandise. 

Steps To Make Online Line Sheet Using Shopify Store

The fact that line sheets are expected to be as simple as possible and effective also creates a wide range of problems for the sellers. They need to put in a lot of effort in order to fit in the impressive product information/details within a limited amount of space. 

Also, they need to use all the available resources that might be in use of other retailers to grow their business in order to compete with them effectively. So, an attractive and well-designed line sheet is the demand of the growing retail market.  

If you manage to fulfill these requirements, there are greater chances that your business will attract a significant amount of retailers that will help you grow your business. 

So, keeping all these things in mind, we have come forward to break down the complex process of creativity and present to you an easy guide that will make you going towards success at a greater pace. 

How to use a line sheet template to create a line sheet automatically?

To use the line sheet template that helps you create the best line sheets automatically, we suggest you first consider what your target audience is. 

Before making a line sheet, take some time to figure out the audience you will target with it. Hitting the right audience with the right product description can clear out your way for success. 

For this, you have to make sure that your line sheet is a concise catalog offering specific products with the precise description only relevant to the merchandiser. 

The greater the description relates to the retailer, the greater are the chances that he may be attracted to your product. Thus the chances of your brand moving forward to popularity are increased. 

Using the Template

After that, you have determined what your target audience is, you are now much sure about which products and collection you would have to add to a line sheet. At Shopify Store, you will get a Catalog Maker that takes care of this. Following in the method that you are going to use to make a line sheet with this template: 

  1. When you plan to add your products and collections to your line sheet, make sure they are completely synced with the Shopify store. 
  2. Next, click carefully on Catalogs that are present directly beneath the Dashboard. After that, click on “Catalog.” When you click on it, it will open a page that will efficiently display all of your collections. 
  3. Select products and collections from this page and include them in your line sheet. After adding these into it, click Submit. 
  4. When you submit your line sheet successfully, Create Zine popup will appear to enter your name in front of the line sheet you have just submitted. 

Note: if you have selected more than one collection for your line sheet, you are free to choose any order in which you think they should be displayed. 

  1. A heading’ “Organize” will appear that will allow you to drag and drop and then to reorganize all of your collection. 
  2. Here, you have to click on a collection, and you can easily move it up or down just the way you want it. 
  3. After you have done all the steps, the final action that is left to perform is to select a specific theme for your line sheet. For that, you have to click on “Select Design,” and many default themes will appear. You can scroll it down as long as you find a suitable theme for your line sheet. If you find the one, click to highlight that and then click on “Create.” 

Creating a Beautiful Front Cover 

The front cover sets all the game. If you want the retailers to get impressed by your brand and get prompted to step ahead to what you have to offer, we suggest you add the images or logo that reflect your brand and all the products you are promoting through your line sheet. 

To add images on the cover pages, you should open the sidebar present at the right hand and scroll up to the cover page. If you want to add a new image, you can use its camera icon to click on a new photo. 

In addition to adding the cover photo, you can also change the title of your page. For that, you can move on to the text that is present below the “Title” and add new text in the popup and then click “Save.” 

Adding finishing touches

Adding a professional finishing touch to your line sheet is important to grab the attention of many retailers. 

To add the finishing touches, you can move on to the “Catalog Panel Controls” present on the top menu bar. Besides, if you want some additional possibilities, you can download your line sheet as a PDF file directly from the store. 

Edit your products.

The images in the line sheet need simplification and perspective, and so on. These photos should display your product or anything else. No blurry image. It must be a clean and clear image of your product, even no confusing a tangled lifestyle or background content. 

Your buyers should be capable of seeing all the information about the product they need, from which they make a decision easily. Consider a simple white background when uploading images to your line sheet. No distractions, then. You should now have a basic line sheet. 

Should we use the Shopify store for wholesale?

You can use the Shopify application to sell your items or sell items to other businesses from other companies. It can provide several ways to wholesale your product; even this application is also used for discount codes to make a password-protected storefront. 

How to use Shopify for making a wholesale page?

Go to the Dashboard of your Shopify app for users, then make a user account for yourself. Open your user account page, then to the bottom, scroll down and add the “Wholesale” tag. Next, go to the next section of your site and log in to your user account. 

What is a Shopify store?

Shopify store point of sale (POS) is an app that permits you to sell your products offline. Even you can sell your products at a popup shop, trade shows, physical store, or you can sell products in person at other events using POS Shopify store. You will receive payments with your Android, iPad, or iPhone using the Shopify Store application.

If you have a Shopify store, you can sell unique products of your brand, and it is doing well. This Shopify store can permit you to measure your own business’s end to meet the increase in demand, and you might receive few queries from retailers that want to stock your products. They’re asking you to send a line sheet, and you’re trying to figure out what’s new.

Is Shopify store is good for beginners?

Shopify is the best cloud base choice with low start-up costs and an easy to use interface from where you can sell, batch, ship, and promote your products. In simple words, this store is for everyone; even beginners can also use it very easily.

How to use Shopify store to use Online Sheet templates

You will need to log in to your Shopify application to use our Line sheet template.

Select your products

We can understand that not every product is suitable for wholesale and you may bring a lot of products. That is why we have added a search function to our line sheet generator that lets you select and pick products for wholesale. If you want to use a different code for wholesale, we have got you covered.

Deciding a wholesale product prices

Once you have chosen your item, it is the right time to tackle the products’ prices. However, if you are growing your business from retail, then the pricing procedure can be difficult.

When you are deciding the price of your wholesale product, the easiest way is to separate your retail price in half. If your prices are much high, the retail price will let you with a comfortably great profit, but it can be a loss if you make it at half to get your wholesale price.

Alternatively, you might need to determine the reasonable pricing method when deciding your retail price. If you think your current retail price is too low to support wholesale, you will need to increase prices.

Deciding a price for a minimum order

By moving to a wholesaler, you have to decide how many products your customers will have to buy to enjoy your wholesale discount. Generally, the amount of your minimum order permits you to reduce your low prices by selling in bulk, which should encourage the business’ economies. 

However, you should not control the buys of your customer when you are selling products.

Minimum order quantity also means that you will discourage customers who want to purchase at the lowest price while making strong relationships with customers who value your product.

Drop date

The date of your drop is the date on which your goods are up for grab for purchase. So, in the end, you have to make sure you have enough products on hand to meet both retail and wholesale demand. If you have enough stock items and do not have to worry about destructive products, you can skip your drop history immediately. 

However, if you are dealing with a defective product or you are already facing a low stock problem, then it is the right time for you to fix your drop date in the future, taking into account your critical time. To make sure your drop date is somewhere close, check out these guidelines to reduce your lead time.

prepare your Net terms

There is a box in the right corner on the top to write down the payment terms in our line sheet generator.

These terms are usually either on delivery of Net 30, Net 60, and Net 90 orders. Payment terms only mean that you expect your clients to pay for the invoice on a specific day. 

But keep in mind that setting net 30 net terms does not mean that you will be paid on time, as lenders can still make late payments, regardless of whether you When will the payment terms be fixed? So if your business needs to pay for a certain period of time, you need to limit your payment term policy to a short period.

Additionally, you can add other privileges for retailers to sign with you, such as the opportunity to get exclusive rights to your brand in a particular area or the retailer to post some great photos of your products in their online store.

And with that, you have got your line sheet created using Shopify StoreWhat’s for you to do is package it with a cover letter and deliver it to several potential retailers.

Final Verdict 

Shopify store is an amazing addition to the trending softwares that help you grow our business by competing for some of the best brands already present in the market. The line sheet is one way of winning over the competition, and Shopify helps you attain that level.