How to surprise a long distance friend on their birthday?

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Living far away from each other, is something very normal in this era. But still we want to celebrate the milestone in the life of the people that matters to us. One of the most special days in a person’s life is the birthday, a day that comes every year but still it is the best for all of us and we want to celebrate it as well. 

The special days are not much difficult to remember today, because the Facebook is there to remind you about the birthdays and it helps you drop a message to those people as well. but that is not something really special or personal. When you have to do something more than ordinary, you have to work hard on it and think out of the box to bring a smile on the receiver’s face.  

Now you can send really special and personalized gift items to your loved ones and to the special people living far from you. But you need some unique ideas as well, as to which present would be the best suited for them and the one that would make them give a big smile. So here we have some exciting gift ideas for you that would make the day of the receiver.

  1. Party in the box

You can make the birthday special by sending the party in the box to that someone special. For this, you can place an order to the gift deliverers or you could just compose it yourself by adding a present, a card, a personal note, some balloons, confetti and a sweet treat. The receiver would sure be overwhelmed with joy to receive it. 

  1. Plan a movie night together

You can both watch a movie together by the use of such apps that let people watch and share their comments at the same time. tune in, get some popcorn and a cake to celebrate the birthday on that special someone, living far away.

  1. Chocolate is always a love

The tradition of sending love and best wishes via the chocolate, never gets old. So get your loved one a chocolate delivery in the hands of an esteemed organization that is working for delivering fresh and fantastic presents.

  1. Get them on a free shopping spree

Of course you would plan the birthday present according to your budget, so if your pocket allows it, you can get them a shopping voucher and let them enjoy their day by free shopping at some of their favorite malls. This could be a best and most perfect present for a shopaholic.

  1. Pay a visit

Something that would be super special, above all the other things, would be planning a surprise visit to them on their big day and you can send the Chocolate delivery, ice cream and balloons with you so that you can celebrate. Making these moments special for someone, can make life a lot more beautiful for them.