Best Job Posting Sites for Employers in the US this 2020

Most popular job posting sites often have paid advertising options to boost their job posting strategy – it is to increase visibility and attract millions of candidates. 

You can also use various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to spread the word about your job openings. 

But Let’s Begin With the Best Free Job Posting Sites:


Indeed is presently the world’s largest job-search engine with more than 250 million people searching for jobs and it’s rated on top by our pursuers/readers as well. 

You can post jobs on Indeed and utilize its free tracking system to monitor applicants, resumes, meetings, interviews, and other features. Job seekers apply through its mobile application. 

Despite the fact that you can post jobs and oversee applicants for free,  presence and visibility can be improved by sponsoring job postings at 5$ per day, you may likewise decide to just plan your hiring effort and let Indeed set a viable spending plan. 

Indeed makes it simple for you to view and screen resumes, test candidates, and monitor applicant correspondences and meetings. First-time clients land $50 in free Position Sponsorships credit. 


Wisestep is a free social recruiting platform where you can post unlimited job postings and search through as many numbers of resumes however you see fit. 

It’s best to use when you’re searching for inactive employment searchers from a specific school, industry, or school. 

Wisestep allows you to upgrade the efficiency of your hiring process through social networks by spreading the word about your employment opportunities. It supports an excess of 40,000 customers. 


Has a free job posting tracking tool you can use, they are the only applicant tracking system on the market that provides the HR team with tools to make them recruitment marketing experts. 

Gets you unlimited job posting that organically posts to free job boards and brings all the candidates back to one centralized place to track. 100% free.  No credit card required to setup.

JobSpider is designed for employers and job seekers. You can post jobs and resumes for free. 

This site lets you browse through job resumes for free. This platform was established after its owner got disappointed with the numerous scams found on Craigslist. 

Nowadays, posting a job at Craigslist ranges between $- – $75. JobSpider is an incredible job search platform designed for employers and job seekers.


PostJobFree is a job board that allows you to post for free. About 1.5 million job opportunities are posted on this site every week. Not all positions are only listed on popular job boards, for example, ZipRecruiter, however, most are. PostJobFree has different pricing options with exclusive features.

 Job Inventory

Job Inventory is a free platform that collects posts from other job boards, like Indeed. Its interface isn’t exceptionally innovative and you will need to create a free app. 

JobInventory checks and verifies each job before posting it for their job board. Job openings are posted for each state which is highly recommended when you’re looking for local workers or can’t offer a transfer. 

Hubstaff Talent

Hubstaff is a start-up job platform that includes time tracking software, screenshots, activity levels, employee monitoring, payroll and much more. It has thousands of clients looking for full-time employees, remote agencies, and freelancers.  


Jobvertise works in the same way as other job boards. Its purpose is to assist you in advertising your job postings with paid plan options (which starts at $29 – $89 every month). 

It’s one of the biggest career databases which allows job-seekers to post their resume for free. 

You can reach over 150 million resumes for free, or purchase their premium service for exclusive access to more features.