Instacart Adds Fuel Surcharge to Cover Higher Gas Prices for Drivers

  • Instacart is the latest platform to add a temporary fuel surcharge to customers’ orders.
  • The grocery delivery company said in a blogpost that orders would cost an extra 40 cents. 
  • The company joins Uber and Lyft in adding surcharges to help offset rising gas costs for drivers. 

Grocery delivery company Instacart has joined Uber and Lyft in adding a temporary fuel surcharge to customers’ orders to help cover the skyrocketing gas prices its drivers are paying. 

In a blogpost on Friday, Instacart wrote: “We’re implementing a temporary surcharge on customer orders to help offset the increased cost of gas over the next month.” 

It added: “This surcharge will add an additional $.40 on customer orders across our marketplace, with a clear indication of the fuel surcharge on the batch before you accept it.” 

Gas prices have reached record highs after the Biden administration said it would ban imports of Russian oil in a retaliatory move against the country’s invasion of Ukraine. 

Insider’s Dominick Reuter reported that the US is likely to see $5 per gallon before prices start to come back down. 

To aid transparency, Instacart said that customers will be able to see the fuel surcharge on their order. 

“In a time of increased fuel costs across North America, we know that every cent counts, and we’re hopeful this temporary fuel assistance will help offset some of the near-term challenges that shoppers are facing,” said Tom Maguire, vice president of operations and care at Instacart.

Recently, Uber announced that riders would pay a surcharge of up to 55 cents for each ride and that the fees would go to drivers. Uber Eats orders would cost an additional 35 or 45 cents, the company said.



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