Online seafood delivery: Where to buy fresh seafood online

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  • Navigating the e-commerce world for fresh, high-quality seafood is full of obstacles and trepidation, and the last thing you want is to end up with overpriced and weeks- or months-old fish at a premium price.
  • We spent eight months sifting through the world of online seafood suppliers to find the best ones.
  • Whether you’re after subscription, bulk, or something different, you’ll found options for fish, lobster, crab, shrimp, and more.
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Meat supplies and availability are in flux right now, and while it’s not impossible to fetch a cut of beef or a pork shoulder online, many of us are looking to different sources of protein. One solution you might consider is adding more seafood to your diet.

The fisheries in the United States are in rough shape right now too, but some companies are still making a go of it — especially on the direct-to-consumer side — and more sustainable options are in good supply. 

But you don’t want to buy just anything. If fish isn’t handled correctly, it tends to taste, well, fishy. As a former commercial and charter fisherman, as well as a raw-bar tender, I know good — and bad — fish when I see it. So, after eight months trying out some of the most popular places to buy seafood online, I’ve rounded up my favorites (and highlighted some particularly excellent selections from each). 

Whether you’re shopping in bulk for the family or looking for the freshest, highest-quality sushi-grade salmon money can buy, you’ll find all the best options here, including ones for vegetarians and vegans. Yes, seaweed, also known as sea greens, is widely available, and full of flavor, vitamins, and protein. Plus, it’s an up-and-coming superfood, don’t you know. 

*Note that some brands are currently experiencing delays, but they tend to be on a daily or weekly basis, so we won’t note them here as things are rapidly changing. The good news from purveyors is that unlike meat, there’s no shortage of fish to go around right now.

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