The Best Jobs in the UK in 2022, According to Glassdoor

  • Tech-focused roles have topped Glassdoor’s annual list of the most satisfying jobs.
  • Glassdoor used salary, job satisfaction, and number of openings to rank roles in the UK.
  • Java developer and enterprise architect scored highest.

Becoming a techie is your best bet for job and life satisfaction, according to Glassdoor’s latest best-jobs ranking for the UK.

Java developer has topped the list for 2022, and topped the US list last year.

Java is used for building mobile and web apps and consistently ranks in the top five most used programming languages alongside JavaScript, Python, and others. The median base salary for a Java developer role is £55,381 ($74,356), according to Glassdoor, which doesn’t include potential bonuses or stock awards, and 71% of its 1,567 job openings are remote.

It’s one of 11 tech roles appearing on the list, as demand for tech jobs is expected to surge over the next decade. Glassdoor ranked jobs by earning potential, average job satisfaction rating, and the number of job openings.

Other top jobs included enterprise architect with a base salary of £73,898 ($99,218) and software engineer. HR roles also made a strong showing, as the pandemic continues to upend hiring and boost demand for recruiters.

Here are the 20 best roles in 2022:

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