Storage units can be found all over the city and are close to many suburban neighborhood areas as well. Storage units are great to have but why spend all of the extra money on an extra storage unit if you already have a garage that could easily be organized for more space. A garage door can only hide so much when it comes to a garage that is packed full of unnecessary stuff. Nobody wants to be a pack-rat but not very many people understand what the difference is between items that they need and items that they want. Garage door repair will not be necessary because after some quick organization the door will shut just like new.

The first thing that anyone should do when trying to organize a garage is to make separate piles of necessary and unnecessary items that have been stored over time for no apparent reason. Items like old shoes from high school are very unnecessary while last year’s taxes might be a little more important. It is similar to sorting through a junk drawer every so often. By throwing out things that do not work or things that you definitely do not need you are eliminating your stash of stuff by almost half, making your level of storage less and less by only storing the things that you really need .

There is a simple test to prove whether your garage is a complete mess or if it is suitable for you and your family. The point of a storage facility is to have easy access to things outside of your home. If you can create some sort of path that allows you to walk among the items in your garage, then you have passed the test. If you cannot walk from one side to another in your garage then you have officially failed the test. If you cannot walk around in your own garage then it is very difficult to not only find things that you might need but to sort through and discard for organizational purposes.

Another great tip to use when organizing a garage or a storage facility is to sort things into piles by categories. For example, you could have a sports section which houses all of your sports gear. You could also have a paperwork section where all of your important documents are kept. You could even set up a section just for stuff that does not have a place in your home and is just randomly sitting in a box. You can store whatever you need to store in a storage facility but there are many different ways to keep the storage facility tidy and easy to navigate when you are looking for something specific.

It is important to realize that when a shirt does not fit any more it goes away and you do not keep it just in case someone might need it. The idea of consumerism lives through us all by our cycle of purchasing items, using them, and then getting rid of them to get more. The same idea applies to items that you might keep in your garage that do not necessarily need to be there.