Every one questioned about, are reusable bags the best option to go for? Reusing a bag more than once can help you to reduce waste on this planet. Thus, make it better for the earth and for you. It is highly recommended to consider the material of the bag that you decide to use. Plastic is not good and the best option to go for is reusable cotton mesh bags. They are made from organic cotton that is sturdy, organic, and natural. This makes them suitable for repeated use for long periods of time.

Unexpected Benefits of Replacing Single-Use Plastic Bags with Reusable Bags

Some space in our house is always reserved for plastic bags. They may come in handy, but there’s also hesitation to throw them away immediately after receiving them. On average, a person uses a plastic bag for only 12 minutes before discarding it. Rather than collecting an abundance of single-use plastic bags, buy reusable cotton mesh produce bags. Plastic bags are harmful to the environment and costly. Therefore, you must try using a reusable shopping bag. There are plenty of benefits of investing in a reusable bag. Below are some of the most advantageous benefits to using a reusable shopping bag:

Save Enough Money

Using reusable bags over plastic bags is a cost-saving option. You can save money in several areas and this is one of them. Nowadays, many stores are beginning to impose an extra charge for plastic bags. By bringing your own reusable bag, you can actually save money each time you go to the grocery stores. If the stores don’t charge for the plastic bag, they may offer an incentive for bringing your own bag. So, look at it, you’re saving money on each purchase.

Save Resources

Plastic bags are non-biodegradable. They use crude oil and natural gas in manufacturing and require even more fossil fuels to ship. By using a reusable bag, you can stop the reducing amount of non-renewable resources used to produce plastic bags. By choosing reusable bags, you’re reducing the amount of money you spend on clean up costs each year. When you dispose of plastic bags, they end up blowing onto the street, clogging waterways, and infiltrating other natural environments. It is not only an eyesore to earth and costs money to clean up. Many countries send millions of plastic bags to the landfill each year and a much larger amount is spent on removing plastic bags from the streets. By using reusable bags, you can reduce the amount of taxpayer money that goes into litter clean up, leaving room for other community funded projects.

Declutter Your Home

Plastic takes up space and gets clutter in your house, car, and workspace. Think about it, if you take home 5 grocery bags worth of food in a week. This comes out to 240 bags a year. And that’s only on groceries. Those plastic bags end up cluttering your kitchen cabinets and more important things other than the trash that we can’t seem to part with. Though reusable cotton bags are larger than a plastic grocery bag, and they can easily fold up and take up less space than your plastic bags. Where there are 20 to 50 plastic bags floating around your house, you’ll have maybe three or four reusable bags to take their place.

Durability and Reliability

Unlike the plastic bag you get from retailers, reusable bags are durable and capable to carry more weight at a time. Fill up that cotton mesh bag to the brim and it won’t break. This means fewer trips to and from your car and more to be comfortably carried at a time. Their durability also prevents them from ripping and you can say goodbye to spilled groceries, multiple trips, and double bagging. As they are reliable, you can use them for multiple purposes. You can use them for groceries, beach bags, and even as a purse. There are infinite uses to these convenient and packable bags.

Peace of Mind

Reusable bags do not create more space in your home and you’ll have peace of mind. Plastic bags are the most common objects in the majority found in oceans and on beaches. Millions of plastic bags are disposed each year, and end up in oceans, soils, animals, and rivers.

The Bottom Line

Yes, it is true, free plastic bags are the cheapest options, but they are extremely harmful in many ways. Reusable mesh vegetable bags may cost you a little, but they give you returns that are more beneficial in the long run. They last longer and can be used several times. They make much greater sense. Keep in mind that your actions can bring a great difference on the environment, so choose responsibly.