Tucker Carlson Donated to Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Reelection Campaign

  • Tucker Carlson contributed to Marjorie Taylor Greene’s reelection campaign, FEC filings show.
  • A source familiar with the donation said it was related to a campaign auction Greene held last year.
  • Federal election records list Carlson as the contributor of a $250 donation to “Greene for Congress.” 

Fox News host Tucker Carlson contributed to GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s reelection campaign last year, according to federal election records.

A September 15 FEC filing lists Tucker Carlson as the contributor of a $250 donation to “Greene for Congress.” Federal election law requires all contributions above $200 to include the donor’s name and occupation. Carlson’s employer, Fox News, is also listed on the filing.

A source familiar with the contribution, which was first reported by The Hill, told Insider that the donation was not a strict political contribution, but instead related to a raffle bid Carlson made on a rifle that Greene was auctioning off as part of a campaign fundraiser last year. 

A website for the prize includes details about the Barrett M8 2A1 sniper rifle, which is valued at $10,000. The website claims the gun is “the same type of gun that TRIGGERS the Fake News Media and Democrats all across the country.” 

“And it’s the same type of gun the hate-America gun-grabbers in DC would love to BAN if they ever get the votes,” the website states. 

Since she was elected in 2020, Greene made national headlines as an outspoken, far-right player in Congress. She has refused to wear a mask on multiple occasions despite COVID-19 health guidelines; defended Capitol rioters; pushed anti-Semitic conspiracy theories; and been accused of “berating” her fellow lawmakers with aggressive behavior.   

As reported by The Hill, Greene appeared on “Tucker Carlson Today” last spring and claimed the majority of lawmakers in Congress “are not qualified to be there.”

“They sound like losers,” Carlson said in response.

“A lot of them are losers,” she replied.

A spokesperson for Greene’s office did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment. 

Carlson is among the most popular conservative figures in the country as the most watched cable news host. In recent days, the TV host has taken heat from critics accusing him of spreading pro-Kremlin rhetoric as Russian troops gather along Ukraine’s border. 

Carlson did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

A 2016 Center for Public Integrity study cited by The Hill revealed that journalists, reporters, news anchors, and other media members donated more than $390,000 to presidential campaigns that cycle, and more than 96 percent benefited the 2016 Democratic candidate, Hilary Clinton. 

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