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Line sheets are generally small documents that help the vendor choose which products they want to purchase, and these help them place an order. If you find a Graphic Designer to make line sheets generally, it is much expensive. So, use the InDesign app to make an attractive Line Sheet in a very short time.

If you are thinking of expanding wholesale, this in-depth information is definitely for you. Read this article carefully to know how to create line sheets using InDesign to start wholesale selling and learn how best this application is.

What is InDesign?

InDesign application is a program that provides you a way to gather details about products from other hand drawings and graphics packages in one presentation document. 

This application is used mostly by landscape designers; it is also useful for final design, line sheet preparation, line sheet layout of skate documents, portfolio, master plan design, image sheet, etc. The InDesign platform is used for a graphic illustration of colored areas.

What is the rule for making a line sheet using InDesign?

As a line sheet format, a rule is associated with the type of line sheet and will follow it with devotion, regardless of any modifications that apply to the text. And as well as these rules can be best in the line sheet format. You can think of this principle as the real anchor.

Based on their basic principle, these rules are a great way to differentiate information blocks without the need to resize different locations, resulting in a mesh of different sizes on your page. The principles really come into their own. It gives you the ability to deviate from the solid principle and end the oath.

How to Create a Line Sheet Using InDesign?

Used by professional desktop publishing programs, such as Adobe’s InDesign, formulate exact rules that repeat in the existing line sheet. This application is useful for instantly creating line sheets required to make business forms or evenly arranged papers.

No manual or estimates spacing is included, as you enter the exact number of offsets and repetitions, then, let the program run. Following are the steps given below that helps you to make a line sheet using InDesign. 

First Step

First, open the InDesign application, and after choosing the option “New,” then chooses option “Document” in the menu from “File.” Choose “Letter” in the pulldown menu from the “Page Size.” Enter “one” in the “Number” that is under the “columns” of the text box. Enter “0.5” from the text field in the “Top” and “Bottom.” And at last, just click “OK.”

Second Step 

After the First step, the second one is to choose the “Line tool” after clicking the “Tool Palette.” Place your cursor on the top edge of the document. Press and drag the mouse to the right from the left to draw a straight line measuring 7.5 inches in length.

Third Step

From the Tool Palette, choose the option “Selection.” Click the line, and from the Bar menu, select the “Window” option. Scroll down the option “Stroke” to carry the Stroke panel.

Fourth Step

For the line, choose the preset stroke weight and write a numeric number in the field and then select “Enter” else press “Return.” However, the best line weight is about 25 inc.

Fifth Step

Press the line using the selection tool. After, from the menu bar, select “Edit,” and then roll towards “Step and then Repeat.”

Sixth Step

Enter a number of “60” in the text field “Repeat Count.” After, enter “zero” in the field of “Horizontal Off-set” and in “vertical offset,” enter a value “0.1667”.” At last, press “OK.” At the top of the document, 60 equal distances of the line you created, the exact copies will flow to the computer.

What is a Line Sheet Template?

A line sheet is presentation equipment that contains images of products and other information such as description, size and color options, and, as well as wholesale prices. Here you will be helped to create one. 

Note: There are many line sheet templates on the website to use, but the main thing is that the buyer examines the difference in your and other line sheets that is not present in such case, and it won’t be easy to get crowd towards your brand and to compete in the market. 

Making Line Sheet Template Using InDesign

In all kinds of industries, price and catalogs lists are essential tools for your sales. They permit you to bring your products to potential buyers and retailers. This type of documentation should always be up to date and using standard layouts and images, and you should always include the latest products and prices.

With pagination, several of the following requirements are common to people who often manage product price lists or catalogs:

  • Frequent document updates and creation.
  • Flexible data integration with home business applications
  • Grouping products by category and type.
  • Rich text formatting.
  • Chapter separators, tables of contents, and covers.

A price or catalog list should be accurate and clear that provides the buyer with all the information they need, but it should also be appealing for you to present your product in the best way possible.

Making Eye-Catching Line Sheet with InDesign in the fastest way

Whether it is complex line sheets or simple line sell sheets, even online brand portals or product catalogs, you do not need a team of graphical designers to sell your products. It would be best if you had an InDesign application.

InDesign application is the platform of PIM Product Information Management. Its first task is to manage and store the details, information of product, and assets in the source of a truth that your organization has are accessible. Information of products stored in your InDesign PIM is always ready and up-to-date to be distributed to any marketing and sales channels you use.

However, InDesign can do more as it can also collect the details of these products and use them to create great, automated content, from sheets sold in seconds to line sheets.

Is a line sheet is necessary for the brand?

A confusing and unorganized line sheet can result in bad selling. Line sheets are an essential tool for any brand or designer to put forward their products to vendors. Unlike, your line sheet gives a two-point and a simple reference for the vendors who are seeking to place an order.

When should I use InDesign?

Adobe developed an application InDesign for the publishing desktop market, and it is primarily used to organize newspapers, flyers, books, magazines, and posters. Anything with a large amount of text should go directly to InDesign. 

But illustration can also sort text, right? Yes, but the InDesign application kicks in. All that sounds pretty crap to me. InDesign also lets you configure templates for the master page, so the page design is quickly integrated into the entire document. 

Pages are automatically numbered and can be easily swapped, duplicated, and re-ordered. Text styles, footnotes, and columns, and other specific features to publishing are also very strong. Simply put, if it has found any text. The application InDesign can handle it.

Is InDesign is best for making Line Sheet?

InDesign tool was created with certain special uses in mind. Here is you should go with this solution.

It is required you to configure a multi-page, text-heavy piece. A digital and Print InDesign application was created to make a line sheet in a shorter time. If you are preparing a brochure, a magazine, or a booklet, you may need to make it your first stop. 

Unlike the other application, the InDesign application has the strongest type-setting features, and it permits you to make fully attractive an eye-catching line sheet and as well as also e-books and magazines. It integrates with the Digital Adobe Publishing Solution and other digital publications.

InDesign or Photoshop

Several e-Commerce brands have graduated using Adobe tools such as InDesign or Photoshop to make their own line sheets. But while this is a step towards Microsoft tools, it is still not ideal. However, these are powerful applications that can be used to make all types of sales and marketing tools, not just line sheets. 

But they also come up with a lot of learning curves. They are complex software that is difficult to use for beginners. And while they provide the most advanced customization software application of any line sheet on the market, Adobe Tools are not in use anytime soon. Even with templates, products are not automatically imported, and quick editing of the same line sheet means going to the source file, making changes manually, and then re-exporting the new line sheet.

 Or worse, it means that the team of designers has to work with them because they are professionals who are likely to acquire the necessary skills to create line sheets with this software.

Use Different App when:

  • Illustrator can work well if you need to create a line sheet for smaller jobs, for example, business flyers and cards.
  • If you need to edit the images, you may need Photoshop because this application can give more features such as brightness, contrast, and color instead of the InDesign tool because the InDesign tool does not offer more capabilities for editing the images.
  • If you need to create a LOGO for the brand, then the InDesign application offers limited shapes, but if you want to create a document logo, then first prefer the Illustrator tool to design and then import it.

Once you find the application you want for the task. You will become an expert at every task to start working more efficiently and create high quality and more flexible designs. If you are a beginner, then use A great online resource is full of classes for experts and as well as beginners on every feature of Adobe Suite Creative.

 Tips for making a Line sheet for more selling:

Make a map or list of a product.

Think about what products you are looking for wholesaling and ensure you have a price for each one, and as well as also determine how you want to group them.

Draw a line sheet on the original paper

As you know, it is called wire-framing. It permits you first to make important decisions rather than worry about the products’ details.

Add Product detail

In your product line sheet, add the SKU number, individual photos, descriptions, text/ content, and pricing.

Add Deadline on the line sheet.

It is a type of step that can expand to fit any space you give. Between 2 days or seven days, maybe it is so close, that we do not recommend it slipping any further, as it can turn into a never-ending line sheet.

Selecting a layout program 

It is generally considered that the overall structure such as captions, sections, and pages should be placed first so that you do not get stuck.

Double-check the images of your product

Your line sheet will look just as good as your product images. If your photos are missing or some are all the same, plan a half-day photoshoot to change or take photos. 


It is required that your line sheet should be 2.5 MB if you are linking it to emails. It could be even bigger if you are hosting it online. But if you are getting attach it and still, it is too big, I prefer using to minimize your line sheet size.

Improve visual language

See your line sheet size, font, and colors and ensure that your visual language is exactly linking and working together with your brand.


Suppose you guys have some queries about making a line sheet using the InDesign application. In that case, this article will definitely clear your queries because it is based on using the InDesign app software to make a line sheet.